Dumb Question…..

How often have you heard someone start asking a Question with either Dumb Question or Stupid Question

If like me you work in tech this is a pretty regular thing you will hear being said in front of a question, even though there is no such thing as either a dumb or a stupid question, other than a question that never gets asked.

If you are asking a question, especally about tech it tends to be for 1 of a few reasons

  1. To learn something that you don’t already know (aquiring of knowledge)
  2. To confirm you actually understand something (reaffirming of knowledge)
  3. To request clarification as an explaination wasn’t clear.

My Ask

Give yourself a little credit about being brave enough to ask the question in the first place, especially as in a crowded room there is a high probability that the question you want to ask, is one someone else also would like the answer but is too afriad to ask it because they think it’s a Dumb Question or Stupid Question

So just ask the question, because every question is a great question & a question that needs answered